Terms of Service

This is our mutual trust and your utmost satisfaction on our qualified products that helped us a lot to grow Faechan’s family. We try our best not to let you down and to be fair with you at all stage.

Mistakes are part of life and even the best of us may commit it. On any occasion, you feel the thing you ordered is not what you were looking for, you may send it back to us.
Though we keep things simple, in order to make your refunds quicker and at earliest we will be striving hard and it will only be possible if you also comply with some of our terms and conditions, again which no doubt are designed just to make your things as quick as Blink of Eye.

The item you requested if is not what you lodged, you may return it to us with in three days, after receiving the product.
In order to make your payment secure and by applying best professional practices, we will only credit the amount to the same PayPal Account that was used earlier.

No doubt without wearing, no one can judge if the measurements are perfect or not, however you are humbly requested not to modify or alter it into any way. By doing in so, it might not be possible for us to keep that item with us.