Faechan, The home of affordable fashion now brings spectrum of the latest phenomena at an ideal prices.
Our history is as new as the blossom of new petal and love of our shoppers is as old as the novels of Shakespeare. We started business almost few days back. Our prime objective is to cobble together your fashion needs and let you know that Leather Jacket can do lot more in improving your personality.

Knowing the fact that we are the only competitor of our own self, we therefore keep on revamping our designs and annexing the latest trends and up to the minute additions in our patterns.

Starting from your order to our artisan’s stitching, we welcome feedback's and these are your feedback's that let us compile the things in an appropriate way.

On behalf of Team Faechan, we pay our gratitude to you for visiting our page and taking a look at our artistry, and expect you to be our happiest family member.